Why Do Crystals Get Lost

Enjoy this article by Stephanie Lucas at QuantumStones.com. Why Do Crystals Get Lost? Crystals and Stones Want to Rock the World. December 12, 2014 Stephanie Lucas Crystals and Stones 3.7k 3.7kFacebook 11Twitter 2Google+ 0Pinterest 2E-mail “Stones and crystals belong to the earth and can never be truly ‘owned’ by anyone.” Possibly one of the most […]

How Ancient Cultures Used Healing Crystals and Stones

This is a wonderful article by Stephanie Lucas: Today, we understand that all things in the universe are forms of energy with their own frequency and vibration – including crystals. Nikola Tesla declared this concept as the key to understanding the universe and proved how certain forms of energy can alter the vibrational resonance of other forms […]

Interior Design and Well Being

By Neville Ryan EarthGallery.com Interior design is associated with beauty, form and function. What is not typical is the association with health and well being. This is where stone, minerals and crystals come into play. These pieces, produced by Mother Nature and sometimes enhanced by man, can be used to enhance both the interior and exterior […]

Merlin’s Apology

  By Merlin I owe all my loyal readers an apology. I was planning to write the second part of my life story but I came down with an unfortunate illness and have only recently recovered. I woke up one day and could hardly walk. I was like a 90 year old man with severe […]

Stones, Crystals and Minerals in Your Home and Office

By Neville Ryan EarthGallery.com Our business name reflects the fabulous gallery of art pieces that the earth has to offer. These pieces, produced by Mother Nature and sometimes enhanced by man, can be used to enhance both the interior and exterior of homes, offices or apartments. They can be stone, crystal or mineral and can […]

Merlin- My Story (Part 1)

I was born in Florida but fate often changes the direction of life. When I was 3 months old I was abandoned on the street. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me and I was scared. I ended up in doggy jail with a lot of other puppies and big dogs and […]

Why are Geodes Hollow?

By Neville Ryan When I was showing a friend a beautiful Brazilian Amethyst geode he asked me why they were hollow. After stumbling around and mumbling about volcano’s, I had to admit that I really wasn’t sure.  A bit embarrassing to say the least, so I decided to find out how they actually were formed. […]

Quartz…why is it so important?

By Neville Ryan Quartz is one of the most common minerals in the world, second only to Feldspar. It surrounds us in our everyday lives and aids us in our metaphysical or spiritual growth. Quartz was a highly desirable product for early man and was traded over great distances even before agriculture became a feature […]


By Charli Lundholm Summer is almost here! The energy around summer is all about enthusiasm and action. But what if “action” is an energy that overwhelms you? Do you ever feel like your thoughts zip around like they are in a pin ball machine? Having trouble focusing, or following through with ideas, plans or projects? […]

Energetic Spring Cleaning

By Charli Lundholm Happy Spring! This is such a wonderful time of year. There is a sense of newness and rejuvenation in the air. We have all been going through a time of intense energy recently. Have you felt it? It is a time when we are supported to really do some Spring cleaning. I’m […]

Hazards of Mining in the Australian Bush-Part 2

By Neville Ryan   While Australia didn’t have have the problems surrounding the mining of CRYSTALS in South America or the difficulties of mining MINERALS in the Africa or even the problems faced by LAPIS miners in Afghanistan, we did have our own set of problems mining in north west Western Australia.  As people travel through the Australian bush in the northwest they often remark […]

Hazards of Mining in the Australian Bush-Part 1

By Neville Ryan  While Australia doesn’t have have the political problems surrounding the mining of LAPIS in Afghanistan or the physical extremes of hand mining NEPALI CRYSTALS in the Himalayas, we did have our own set of problems mining in north west Western Australia.  Distance is the first problem to overcome. If traveling from Perth, […]

Rose Quartz

By Charli Lundholm Rose quartz is such a beautiful stone. It can be a pale pastel pink or bright pink mixed with white quartz. It is found in many areas of the world but Brazil, Madagascar and South Dakota are among the top producers. The Madagascar rose quartz is some of the finest, with wonderful […]