Why Lapis? Because It Reduces Stress!

Lapis is one of the only natural blue minerals that is found in large enough pieces to be carved or sculpted with no dyes or man made treatments, just Mother Nature producing a unique stone. The only presence of man is the rounding and polishing of each piece. Lapis has been desired for thousands of […]

Blue Needle Crystals

By Charli Lundholm EarthGallery.com Blue needle quartz crystals aren’t necessarily rare, they just usually go unnoticed. You usually find them by surprise when you use a light to see the inside of a crystal and then you get gifted with the sight of thin blue lines inside the stone.  They aren’t actually needles. They are […]

Reduce Your Stress Easily

By Charli Lundholm EarthGallery.com   Have you noticed the stress level going up, up, up around the world? Are you getting sucked into it? It’s hard to avoid. Sometimes we find ourselves even adding to it! The key is to be conscious.  Take a break from the news and the barrage of negativity that the […]

Geode Information

  This site has a wealth of information on geodes. If you are wanting to know what they are, how they are formed or where they are formed, you will find answers here. Enjoy! Guide to Geodes

Cat in the Hat and Motherhood

By Charli Lundholm EarthGallery.com So I was thinking about the “Cat in the Hat” and it made me think of being a mom. I don’t know why, but it kind of makes sense. Remember how the cat had all those little cats under his hat that would go and do stuff? Well, think of all […]

Feeling Blah? Try Holding a Crystal

  Do you some times feel off balance? Is your energy low?  Quite often the cause of feeling off kilter is that your body’s energy is out of balance. This may be due to illness, injury, a broken relationship, problems at work, family pressure, anxiety, stress, or some days you just feel blah.  Whatever the […]

Can Stones Help with Karoshi?

What is Karoshi and Which Stones Can Help? Karoshi is a Japanese term for “death from overwork”. In 2015 police statistics in Japan indicate that 2,159 suicides were recorded as problems related to work. This does not include deaths from heart attack, stroke or other deaths or illness related to stress from overwork. How big […]

Lapis by the Gram, Color or Style

By Neville Ryan EarthGallery.com Lapis by the gram? Lapis by color? Lapis by style? How do you choose your Lapis piece? For most of its history Lapis was sold in small rough pieces priced by the gram and a fist size piece was considered a large stone. High quality Lapis was very difficult to find […]

Sun, Crystals and the Risk of Fire

By Charli Lundholm EarthGallery.com We have all experienced what happens when you place a magnifying glass in the sun, right? When angled just right, it can focus the sunlight to a pinpoint spot and it can start to burn what it is aimed at. It may surprise you to find out that a crystal sphere […]

What makes Madagascar Rose Quartz so special?

by Charli Lundholm What makes Madagascar rose quartz so special? It’s the color. It has a softer color than other locations, with a different hue. It almost has a bit of a lavender quality to it. It is also known for areas of nice clarity, even though this clarity is different than a clear quartz […]

How to Program a Quartz Crystal

By Charli Lundholm EarthGallery.com Have you ever heard people say that a stone or crystal helped them with a specific problem? Crystals and minerals have many different metaphysical properties that can aid us in many ways. One way that works the best with quartz crystals is called programming. Programming is a form of setting the […]

Using Stones to Stay in the Present Moment

By Charli Lundholm EarthGallery.com When the calendar turns over into a new year, many focus on what they want to accomplish in the next 12 months. What goals do they want to accomplish, what resolutions do they have. I resolved not to do resolutions many years ago and it is the only resolution I have […]

What Part of You Needs TLC?

By Charli Lundholm EarthGallery.com I have one simple question for you today…are you taking good care of yourself? Are you taking good care of all aspects of yourself? Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? All aspects need love and attention. If you answered YES, then we tip our hats to you and say congratulations! If you […]