How to Program a Quartz Crystal

By Charli Lundholm

Have you ever heard people say that a stone or crystal helped them with a specific problem? Crystals and minerals have many different metaphysical properties that can aid us in many ways. One way that works the best with quartz crystals is called programming.

Programming is a form of setting the energy of the stone to help you with a specific task or problem. It’s a way of placing your intention into a stone. You can have a very focused programming, such as having the crystal help you with a particular health issue or changing a bad habit. Some people program a crystal to help them get ready for a future event, like a test, a job interview or an athletic event. Then there are more general, long term programs for sending healing energy to a large area like an ocean or a country, or global work.

ProgramCrystals-sliderming is quite easy and doesn’t actually take long. It does require you to calm your mind and to be clear as to what you want the crystal to help with. Being specific can help.

Cleanse your stone overnight in salt water (as long as it isn’t a soft material, like selenite or other stones that are fragile. Contact us if you have questions.) 

Crystals pick up energy and you want your clean and clear of other vibrations that could get in the way of your process. Salt water is a wonderful clearer of unwanted energies.

Ask the stone if it is open to being programmed. The first thing you “hear” in your head will be the answer…a simple yes or no. If you hear a no, you can try asking again. If you still get a no, please honor that. You can try with another crystal. Not all stones are open to being programmed in this way. 

Clear your mind and get a clear vision of what you want the stone to help you with. Then sit with the stone, placing it between both NQ-67b-quartz-crystalhands. Start placing that idea over and over again into the crystal. Ask the crystal to help you with whatever it is you need. Keep seeing your idea, or saying it to the stone. Use your intuition and keep doing the practice until you feel it is done. Then thank the stone and remove your hands. Your crystal is now programmed and ready to work. If you don’t feel like it really took, or maybe your mind started to wander off during the process, just start over. 

When you have accomplished what you asked the stone to help you with, or you are ready for it to have a different job, cleanse it overnight in salt water, making it your intention that it release the past programming. Ask it’s permission and start a new programming session.

If you have set your stone up to do an ongoing job, like healing the earth, it may need a booster programming now and then. Again, use your intuition to check in with the stone and start the programming sequence. 

Crystals and minerals are amazing gifts to help us along our journey. Utilize them with gratitude and for the highest good of all and they won’t let you down.

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