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Cat in the Hat and Motherhood

By Charli Lundholm So I was thinking about the “Cat in the Hat” and it made me think of being a mom. I don’t know why, but it kind of makes sense. Remember how the cat had all those little cats under his hat that would go and do stuff? Well, think of all […]

Lapis by the Gram, Color or Style

By Neville Ryan Lapis by the gram? Lapis by color? Lapis by style? How do you choose your Lapis piece? For most of its history Lapis was sold in small rough pieces priced by the gram and a fist size piece was considered a large stone. High quality Lapis was very difficult to find […]

Sun, Crystals and the Risk of Fire

By Charli Lundholm We have all experienced what happens when you place a magnifying glass in the sun, right? When angled just right, it can focus the sunlight to a pinpoint spot and it can start to burn what it is aimed at. It may surprise you to find out that a crystal sphere […]

What is a Tektite?

By Charli Lundholm The origin of tektites, also called impact or meteoric glass, is still debated by scientists. Some people feel they were originally meteoric material that become separated from it’s iron content as it came through our atmosphere. Others think that as meteorites have impacted the earth, the surrounding rock, or pieces of […]

Interior Design and Well Being

By Neville Ryan Interior design is associated with beauty, form and function. What is not typical is the association with health and well being. This is where stone, minerals and crystals come into play. These pieces, produced by Mother Nature and sometimes enhanced by man, can be used to enhance both the interior and exterior […]

Quartz…why is it so important?

By Neville Ryan Quartz is one of the most common minerals in the world, second only to Feldspar. It surrounds us in our everyday lives and aids us in our metaphysical or spiritual growth. Quartz was a highly desirable product for early man and was traded over great distances even before agriculture became a feature […]

Energetic Spring Cleaning

By Charli Lundholm Happy Spring! This is such a wonderful time of year. There is a sense of newness and rejuvenation in the air. We have all been going through a time of intense energy recently. Have you felt it? It is a time when we are supported to really do some Spring cleaning. I’m […]

Hazards of Mining in the Australian Bush-Part 2

By Neville Ryan   While Australia didn’t have have the problems surrounding the mining of CRYSTALS in South America or the difficulties of mining MINERALS in the Africa or even the problems faced by LAPIS miners in Afghanistan, we did have our own set of problems mining in north west Western Australia.  As people travel through the Australian bush in the northwest they often remark […]