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Charli Lundholm and Neville Ryan have a total of over 60 years of experience in the crystal, stone and gem business and are now working together as Earth Gallery.

Charli began her love affair with rocks when, as a young child, she used to collect pocket rocks from around home and places she and her family would visit. Her mother was always finding a variety of rocks and crystals in the washing machine. This love of rocks blossomed and led her to owning several retail stores as well as developing a deep understanding of the metaphysical aspects of crystals and minerals. She has used crystals and minerals in her healing practice for many years. She feels blessed that she is able to work in a field that she truly loves.

Neville grew up in Australia and was always fascinated with rocks. The look, the feel, the oddity of shapes all combined to spark his early curiosity. The next stage was descending (by knotted rope) deep into old deserted copper mines in the hills around Adelaide. (He doesn’t recommend that anyone even attempt this sort of project. He puts it down to teenage foolishness). This excitement about rocks and love of travel has led him to a lifelong involvement in mining and the wholesale and retail world of crystals, minerals and gems.



Charli Lundholm has been involved in the crystal and stone business for over 25 years. Before being strictly an online business, Charli had retail locations throughout California and one in Hawaii. She decided to close the retail spaces so she could focus on her internet business, utilizing the latest technology to bring crystals to people around the world. Even though the retail locations are no longer open, Charli still offers the same personalized service that she did in her stores.

Charli’s understanding of the metaphysical aspects of crystals and minerals is outstanding. Many people are looking for a stone to help themselves, or a loved one, with a particular physical or emotional problem. She has years of experience using stones to help with healing and is more than happy to share this knowledge with you so you can find the perfect healing stone. Charli has been a Traditional Reiki Master and teacher for over 25 years and offers a variety of treatments including Reiki, the use of stones and crystals and intuitive readings to help a person regain wellness and balance. If you are interested in having treatments or learning Reiki please feel free to contact Charli for details. Healing work and readings are also available by remote, phone or Skype.

Nev-1-bwNeville Ryan has been involved with stones, gems and crystals for over 30 years. He has mined Tiger Eye, Agates and Jaspers in the Australian Outback where relentless flies are your companions all day and biting mosquitos are your companions all night. Places where the temperature can reach 120o and an old portable propane fridge that provides cold water is one of the most beautiful objects on the planet. He has mined for Opal in Coober Pedy where the tailings from the mine shafts give the place an almost lunar look and feel. There was also a period of mining Mariposite in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California.

Having survived the rigors of mining Neville has traveled extensively across the U.S. and Internationally supplying gems, cutting rough and specimens to jewelers, rock shops & lapidaries. He has a keen eye for exceptional crystals, rocks and minerals and not only looks for value for money but is always on the lookout for unusual specimens that will excite collectors and/or designers. He suggests checking the web site on a regular basis to see “What’s New”.                       Neville is also a Reiki Master and has been utilizing the healing powers of Reiki for over 20 years.