Using Stones to Stay in the Present Moment

By Charli Lundholm

When the calendar turns over into a new year, many focus on what they want to accomplish in the next 12 months. What goals do they want to accomplish, what resolutions do they have. I resolved not to do resolutions many years ago and it is the only resolution I have ever really kept. So why do we only focus on things being new one time a year? It’s like Thanksgiving where we focus on being grateful for one day. What would happen if we focused on the new every day?

1It goes back to the idea of being in the present moment. Yes, it is good to plan for the future. Yes, it is good to think about what you want to do, to dream big about where you want your life to go. But many times we get stuck in the past or lost in the future and we lose the glorious NOW. The NOW is all we really have, and with every second our NOW changes. A new NOW comes along. And another, and another and another. When we stop and look at our lives from this perspective, we see that every second is new. Every minute, hour and day is all new. A chance to do something new. A chance to think in new ways that suit the new you. The time to infuse your relationships with new energy. The perfect time to see new opportunities and to create new wonderful ideas.

Stones can help us stay in this present moment kind of thinking. Just carry a crystal or mineral in your pocket and every time you touch it, let it remind you to stop, breathe and take in the NOW. Have a beautiful crystal on your desk or table and when you look at it, remember everything is new from this moment forward. Quartz can be “programmed” to help you with this as well. See my blog on “How to Program a Quartz Crystal.

Rose qRose quartz crystaluartz is wonderful to remind you to stay in your heart, which when we are in it, is totally in the present, open and loving. Smoky quartz is good for grounding us to the Mother Earth. If we spend too much time in our heads, or are kind of spacey, we are missing the NOW. Citrine is a lovely stone to help clear unwanted energies from your personal space, leaving you open to experience YOU, the real you unencumbered by everyone else’s energies.

I hope we all spend more time basking in the glorious newness of each moment and realize what that means….that we are living in a state of unlimited potential. 

How do you remind yourself to stay in the present and enjoy the now? Feel free to leave a comment.

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