What makes Madagascar Rose Quartz so special?

by Charli Lundholm
What makes Madagascar rose quartz so special? It’s the color. It has a softer color than other locations, with a different hue. It almost has a bit of a lavender quality to it. It is also known for areas of nice clarity, even though this clarity is different than a clear quartz crystal. It has more of a milky quality to the clarity, like girasol quartz.
Rose quartz from this area is also known for the fact that many times it will show a “star”, like star sapphires do, when in direct light. Get the stone, usually visible in cabochons or spheres, in direct light and move it around and you will see a faint line that appears to be hovering just above the surface. Keep moving the sphere and you’ll notice another and another. You will find the place where the lines meet and there is your star.

Rose quartz is all about love. It helps us open and heal our hearts, releasing old emotional wounds. It helps us have unconditional love for OURSELVES, as well as others. The world would be a better place if we all carried a rose quartz in our pockets!

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