Feeling Blah? Try Holding a Crystal


Do you some times feel off balance? Is your energy low?  Quite often the cause of feeling off kilter is that your body’s energy is out of balance. This may be due to illness, injury, a broken relationship, problems at work, family pressure, anxiety, stress, or some days you just feel blah. 

Whatever the reason, the fundamental problem for your body may be that your energy field is no longer in alignment. For those of you who remember, it’s like those old flexible telephone cords and how they used to get tangled and knotted and would be difficult to untangle so you could move to where no one (parents) could hear you talking to your friends. The same can happen to the flow of energy through your body. The problems talked about above cause your energy field to be disrupted or blocked and the negative emotions you are feeling can escalate. This escalation of negative emotions in turn impacts your energy field even more and the downward cycle continues.

One potential aid in overcoming these blockages is by using crystals. Yes that’s right, crystals! Crystals radiate energy that help clear blocked energy that can cause pain or tension and increase the flow of healing energy throughout the body. Crystals work with the energy blockages that cause illness not the actual illness itself. Emotionally, crystals won’t change you from being an unpleasant person to a saint but they will help in opening up your emotions to improve your joy and serenity.

Here are some suggestions:

Citrine Crystal

Citrine is a wonderful stone to support the third chakra, the one where we store self-criticisms, self-doubts. This chakra is also a source of our personal will, our personal power. This stone is good at clearing the energy in the space it is placed in. It dissipates and transmutes negativity. Some use it to help release fear and bring happiness and brightness into ones life.

Rose quartz helps us get in our hearts. When we spend time in our hearts instead of our heads, we start getting in touch with our higher self. From this place we get to choose if what we are doing is in our best interest or not. When we have unconditional love and compassion for ourselves, we feel happier, grounded and more in control.

Quartz Crystal

Clear quartz, or a quartz crystal, can help energize and balance all of your chakras or energy centers. When these centers are in balance, our physical body can handle stress better. We can pull from the infinite source of energy from the universe, or the divine, instead of draining our personal energy centers in an attempt to keep harmony within the body.


Smoky quartz is a wonderful grounding and protective stone. Many times, when we are working too much or our schedules are way too full, we get “heady.” We spend so much time in our go-modes that we lose our connection to our bodies. This can be dangerous as we stop listening to the subtle clues our body give us when it is suffering. Being grounded helps maintain that connection to our bodies as well as to the earth (and her magnetic force.) Putting your bare feet on the ground daily can really help, as can smoky quartz, black tourmaline and hematite.

Herkimer diamonds are a form of quartz that have a lovely, happy, high vibration. Many people find that they feel better and lighter after holding a herkimer

Lapis Sculpture

Lapis Lazuli, although not a crystal like a quartz crystal, is known for it’s soothing and calming effect. Just looking at the deep blue color can instantly reduce you stress level. It also is a stone of communication. This could be helpful if you need to communicate with your boss, co-workers or partners that you are in overwhelm and need some time. 

Crystals and minerals not only help with energy flow but they are also pleasing to look at and add an extra dimension to your home or office. You can hold them while you meditate (this can be as little as a few minutes), place them under your pillow at night, carry one with you, or just have it on your desk or at home. Allow the crystals to help you release the blahs and return to a state of harmony.

By Neville Ryan


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