Sun, Crystals and the Risk of Fire

By Charli Lundholm

We have all experienced what happens when you place a magnifying glass in the sun, right? When angled just right, it can focus the sunlight to a pinpoint spot and it can start to burn what it is aimed at. It may surprise you to find out that a crystal sphere can do the same thing. It can happen quite quickly as well. You think you are placing your sphere in the sun because it is beautiful when it is all lit up, or to charge it up (many people do this, so please be cautious.) The quartz sphere acts just like that magnifying glass and within seconds, you can be starting a fire. That’s great if you are camping, but not so great in your house or yard. 

A friend was standing in the sun holding a crystal sphere next to his belly and within less than a minute, he yelped because something hurt his skin. He looked down and there was a hole burned in his shirt and there was a little red burn on his skin beneath it.

Click here to see our short video of a crystal sphere burning a hole in some wood within seconds of being placed in the sun: Crystal Spheres and the sun.

Please be careful when you place your spheres in the sun. Other crystals, like amethyst and fluorite, need to stay away from direct sunlight as well, as they will fade. There is a reason Mother Nature hides some of her stones deep in the earth.