Work for a Hedge Fund? PRESSURE, PRESSURE, PRESSURE! Lapis Can Help.

What can you do to help relieve stress? Analysis? Medication? Alcohol? There is a simpler way. Crystals and minerals. STOP. Don’t delete this, just keep reading. It will only take a minute and it could help change your life.

You may be thinking this New Age talk is airy fairy and a waste of time and “how can this help me?” Well, let me tell you. Crystals and minerals radiate an energy that can have a healing effect on the body and mind all you have to do is allow it.

All you have to do is have the crystal or mineral on your person, on your desk or just somewhere in your office. At differenttimes of the day, when you are at your most stressed, just take a couple of minutes and focus on the piece while taking a few deep breaths.  Just let your mind clear and keep breathing. When you feel your intensity level dropping and you feel calm give yourself a little time and then you can resume work. You have just given your body and mind a breather and trust me you will feel a lot better for doing so.


I know a lot of you will be reluctant to use crystals because of peer pressure and the related negative comments. That is why I would recommend Lapis. This beautiful blue stone not only has energetic qualities but is also a great display piece for your desk or office. It varies in size from a pocket rock to our magnificent Harmony in Blue weighing over 100 lbs. You can benefit from it while your coworkers are more intrigued than derisive.

Lapis Lazuli

Why Lapis? It is known for creating feelings of peace and harmony and can help in stressful situations in the home, office or an individual. Lapis will relieve anger and frustration and help you rid yourself of those seemingly ever present negative or limiting thoughts.

When the body is in balance not only do you feel well but your concentration will increase and your clarity will be enhanced. Lapis will help with organization, concentration, problem solving and memory. Remember, take a few deep breaths and work with the stone when things feel like they are coming down on you and the Lapis will help lessen the stress, confusion and anxiety.

It will also look good on your desk and deflect any negative comments from those around you who might not have the foresight to try it. It will also look great in a prominent position in your office or boardroom. Lapis has wonderful energetic qualities and is also a work of art made by Mother Nature. Each of our lapis sculptures are only enhanced by polishing, following the natural contours of the stone.

Another alternative to consider would be amethyst geodes which are beautiful as well as substantial display pieces in their own right. Amethyst was used by the Greeks to help keep one protected and for good health. Since those days, amethyst has continued to be used by different cultures as a talisman for good health, protection and prosperity. Like lapis, it has a calming effect. Crystals are equally as powerful. Click on these links to find out about Citrine, Quartz, Smoky Quartz and Rose Quartz. Each has their own unique properties to help you return to a state of harmony and balance.

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