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Can Stones Help with Karoshi?

What is Karoshi and Which Stones Can Help? Karoshi is a Japanese term for “death from overwork”. In 2015 police statistics in Japan indicate that 2,159 suicides were recorded as problems related to work. This does not include deaths from heart attack, stroke or other deaths or illness related to stress from overwork. How big […]

How to Program a Quartz Crystal

By Charli Lundholm Have you ever heard people say that a stone or crystal helped them with a specific problem? Crystals and minerals have many different metaphysical properties that can aid us in many ways. One way that works the best with quartz crystals is called programming. Programming is a form of setting the […]

Using Stones to Stay in the Present Moment

By Charli Lundholm When the calendar turns over into a new year, many focus on what they want to accomplish in the next 12 months. What goals do they want to accomplish, what resolutions do they have. I resolved not to do resolutions many years ago and it is the only resolution I have […]

What Part of You Needs TLC?

By Charli Lundholm I have one simple question for you today…are you taking good care of yourself? Are you taking good care of all aspects of yourself? Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? All aspects need love and attention. If you answered YES, then we tip our hats to you and say congratulations! If you […]

Having a Gratitude Practice

By Charli Lundholm November is always a time when we hear the word gratitude a lot. The Thanksgiving holiday rolls around and for one day we talk about what we are thankful for. Why just one day? Why not every day? I’m not knocking the one day…it’s better than nothing. But having […]

5 Tips for Self Love

By Charli Lundholm There seems to be a common thread in the healing work I’m doing lately, and that is the need for self love. We hear about it, but what does it really mean? How do we really achieve it? Why is it something that we have to learn to do instead of it […]

Stones and Spring Cleaning

By Charli Lundholm Happy Spring! I love this time of year. Everything is fresh and new and that energy touches us. It makes us want to make things things in our life fresh and new as well, hence the term Spring cleaning. Of course, this can mean cleaning your house, which is all fine and […]


By Charli Lundholm Summer is almost here! The energy around summer is all about enthusiasm and action. But what if “action” is an energy that overwhelms you? Do you ever feel like your thoughts zip around like they are in a pin ball machine? Having trouble focusing, or following through with ideas, plans or projects? […]

Energetic Spring Cleaning

By Charli Lundholm Happy Spring! This is such a wonderful time of year. There is a sense of newness and rejuvenation in the air. We have all been going through a time of intense energy recently. Have you felt it? It is a time when we are supported to really do some Spring cleaning. I’m […]

Rose Quartz

By Charli Lundholm Rose quartz is such a beautiful stone. It can be a pale pastel pink or bright pink mixed with white quartz. It is found in many areas of the world but Brazil, Madagascar and South Dakota are among the top producers. The Madagascar rose quartz is some of the finest, with wonderful […]

Clearing Crystals of Negative Energy

  By Charli Lundholm When you work with stones in crystal healing, meditation or even just having them in your space, they can take on energy. This includes positive as well as negative energies. It’s important to clear them of the negative energies on a regular basis so they can continue to do their […]


By Charli Lundholm Amethyst is a popular variety of quartz that grows in varying shades of purple. The coloring comes from iron and other elements that were present as the quartz was forming. Like other quartz, it grows in massive chunks, in single crystals and clusters of numerous crystals growing side by side. Amethyst also […]

That Time of Year

By Charli Lundholm It’s that time of year when we are reminded to look at all the things we are thankful for. In our hurried lives, it is easy to lose track of what is truly important. We give a lot of energy to the stressful things in our lives, while barely focusing on […]

Regaining Balance

By Charli Lundholm Have you been feeling like it is hard to stay grounded and heart based right now? With the barrage of news that is both anger and fear inducing, it’s no wonder that people are out of balance. Astrological influences, eclipses, destructive weather and politicians are all adding to the stress. Interestingly, […]