Why Lapis? Because It Reduces Stress!

Lapis is one of the only natural blue minerals that is found in large enough pieces to be carved or sculpted with no dyes or man made treatments, just Mother Nature producing a unique stone. The only presence of man is the rounding and polishing of each piece. Lapis has been desired for thousands of years and we are all now fortunate to have access to large pieces to use not only as art pieces for the home or office but also to benefit from the metaphysical aspects that it contains.  Lapis Sculpture

It is known for creating feelings of peace and harmony and can help in stressful situations in the home, office or an individual. The dysfunction of dis-ease is caused when the body is out of balance. Lapis will help keep your male and female aspects in balance, relieve anger and frustration and help you rid yourself of those seemingly ever present negative or limiting thoughts. 

Lapis SculpturesWhen the body is in balance not only do you feel well but your concentration will increase and your clarity will be enhanced. This in turn gives you a level of peace that allows for the development of wisdom and enlightenment.

The most desirable color for Lapis is generally regarded as Royal Blue. A deep blue saturates the stone and is reminiscent of the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Colors vary from Royal Blue through to a very light pale blue. That being said, the choice of stone and color is usually a very personal choice. Colors vary on each stone and can include calcite, pyrite and denim lapis. These different minerals can add an extra dimension to the piece with many people seeing various designs within the stone. Add that to the style and shape of the piece and you can see why each piece has a different appeal to each person.

In your home or office lapis can be utilized as an art piece, a conversation piece or a mood stabilizer. Enjoy the form, color and peace.

By Neville Ryan


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