Interior Design and Well Being

By Neville Ryan

Interior design is associated with beauty, form and function. What is not typical is the association with health and well being. This is where stone, minerals and crystals come into play. These pieces, produced by Mother Nature and sometimes enhanced by man, can be used to enhance both the interior and exterior of homes, offices or apartments. They can vary from spectacular Lapis sculptures to tumbled stones. While the physical beauty and appeal is obvious, many people are unaware of the metaphysical and spiritual benefits not found in other art forms and are often overlooked.

A fine example of this are the magnificent Lapis sculptures. These rare pieces are beautiful in their own right but Lapis is known for creating feelings of peace and harmony and can help in stressful situations in the home, office or an individual. The dysfunction of dis-ease is caused when the body is out of balance. Lapis will help keep your male and female aspects in balance, relieve anger and frustration and help you rid yourself of those seemingly ever present negative or limiting thoughts.

Quartz crystals are becoming increasingly popular as art displays. Many people think quartz crystals are the only types of crystals but minerals also grow in a crystal formation; tourmaline, emerald, topaz, lapis, ruby and sapphire for example. Most minerals that crystallize don’t have the shape that quartz crystals are known for and often have spectacular variations that make each piece unique. Quartz crystals can have a specific metaphysical purpose such as this Lazarus Global Healing Scepter. Lazarus Global Healer

There is a huge variation of quartz crystals so I will not attempt to detail all of them. For more information go to our website

Natural CITRINE is a rare quartz crystal that is great for clearing the energy of the space it is in.

AMETHYST which has beautiful purple hues promotes good health, protection and prosperity.  It is used by people to help get them on their spiritual path. It helps open one to universal knowledge, universal truth and energy. It is a gentle stone and is used by beginning crystal enthusiasts and energy workers, as well as experienced healing practitioners. It’s a lovely stone with much to offer.

NATURAL or POLISHED QUARTZ  Natural non-polished crystals allow you to see the stone as nature made it. Some people feel that polishing a stone ruins it’s energy. Others prefer polished crystals, feeling that the polishing refines the energy and beauty of the stone. It is a personal preference. We love polished and natural and use both in healing work. They are all wonderful.

Himalayan quartz

HIMALAYAN QUARTZ with green Chlorite is a powerful healing combination. The quartz amplifies the purifying, detoxifying properties of the chlorite making these powerful crystals to use for physical cleansing and healing.

SMOKY QUARTZ, energetically speaking, is a very grounding and protective stone. People who find it hard to keep their feet on the ground, or who seem like their heads are in the clouds, can benefit from the grounding qualities of smoky quartz. Many people place them around their house or business as a way to help keep it protected.

Mineral specimens also portray a unique beauty:

AQUAMARINE helps aid communication and it would be a wonderful addition to any room or office that needs help in that area. It is also used in healing.

TOURMALINE has many colors and ranges in size from very small, which many people use in jewelry, art and healing, as well as larger crystals for the healing practitioner or avid collector. Tourmaline acts to clear and stimulate the body’s energy centers and encourage self confidence and minimize fear. The great variety of Tourmaline means each class has its own specific metaphysical value.  bi-color tourmaline

APOPHYLLITE Metaphysically speaking, green apophyllite has been used as a heart chakra stone, as has pink stilbite. They help one release the effect of the ego and come more form the heart instead of the head. It also has a fairy like quality and seems to energetically brighten the area where it is placed. They are a feel good stone. They are lovely to look at as well as great to work with in healing ventures.

RUBIES symbolize love and devotion. They are associated with the first, or base, chakra which is located at the base of the spine. This chakra is all about physical vitality, survival and our fight or flight response. Too much stress, illness or having a “burning the candle at both ends” kind of lifestyle can deplete this energy center. Rubies can help by supporting and balancing the first chakra. Also, those who have the sun sign Aries, Leo or Sagittarius find rubies comforting.

It is important to remember that the metaphysical or spiritual properties remain the same from magnificent sculpture right through to a tumbled stone, even if it is damaged. The only difference is in how you see each piece. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”!

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