Blue Needle Crystals

By Charli Lundholm

Blue needle quartz crystals aren’t necessarily rare, they just usually go unnoticed. You usually find them by surprise when you use a light to see the inside of a crystal and then you get gifted with the sight of thin blue lines inside the stone. Blue Needle Crystal

They aren’t actually needles. They are very thin lines of trapped gasses. Due to the Rayleigh scattering effect (think of the reason why the sky appears blue) these thin lines appear blue. Take the light away and they disappear, despite the stone still being in a lit room. The first time I saw them was when sunlight hit the side of a citrine I have and there they were! Many many thin blue lines. I have been amazed by blue needles ever since.

Get your flashlights out and go check out your crystals. You might just have some blue needles you never knew you had!