Stones and Spring Cleaning

By Charli Lundholm

Happy Spring!

Herkimer Diamond

Beautiful Herkimer Diamond

I love this time of year. Everything is fresh and new and that energy touches us. It makes us want to make things things in our life fresh and new as well, hence the term Spring cleaning. Of course, this can mean cleaning your house, which is all fine and good. But what about taking it a step further. How about doing some emotional, physical or spiritual Spring cleaning as well? Take a look at what no longer serves you, whether that be a habit, a belief or relationships. Now is the time to focus on what works for you and tending to it, and what doesn’t work for you and clearing it out.

Stones can help with this. Below are some suggestions, but always follow your intuition on what stones would help you. You intuitively know what you need. Trust that information you get!

Bringing quartz crystals into your space can help bring light energy. This can help clear out negativity and help you be open to doing what is to your highest good and the highest good of all. Herkimer diamonds are good at raising the energetic vibration of a space or your physical energy. Attacking Spring cleaning from a place of high energetic vibration can really facilitate the process, especially when you are clearing out old emotional baggage.

Grounding stones, like obsidian, pyrite and black tourmaline can help you connect with the earth energy. This can help you be less “heady” and be connected to your body. From this space, it is easier to make those decisions  of “keeping it or clearing it out” that serve you the best. Grounding also has positive aspects for your physical health. Dr. Stephen Sinatra has written a wonderful book on the subject called “Earthing”.

large rose quartz crystalHeart stones, like rose quartz, aventurine and emerald are always helpful at getting us in our hearts. In this space, we are in harmony with the universal energy around us. When we are in this space, Spring cleaning is a breeze and we notice that life is easier. It appears in small ways, like getting great parking spaces (a true bonus.) Or it appears in larger ways, like getting a surprise check that is the perfect amount you need right now, or finding yourself being at peace in situations that would normally make your blood boil.

Whatever you are cleaning this Spring, be it your house, body or mind (or all three) be true to yourself. Listen to your inner wisdom. Release the old and make room for the new!

Happy cleaning!

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