Uses for Crystals Other Than Jewelry

By Naomi Shaw

healing crystals

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Beautiful, vibrant, and mystical, there’s much more to the average crystal than may first meet the eye. Although best-known for their popularity in artisan jewelry, these stunning geological masterpieces can also be used for everything from art to science. Are you intrigued by the wide world of crystals? Read on to find out some fun alternative uses for your favorite pieces.


If you love the strong sense of the metaphysical that is an integral part of home crystal placement, then try decorating your indoor space with crystal sculptures. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and varieties, crystal sculptures have the ability to infuse any room with an atmosphere of energy and elegance.

Before selecting your crystal sculpture, decide what results you would like to achieve. If your only goal is aesthetic, then by all means choose a sculpture that appeals to you visually. But if you want more than eye-appeal from your sculpture, educate yourself on the many healing and balancing properties of natural crystals. Lapis, for example, is known for its ability to promote feelings of wellness, peace, and prosperity, while citrine promotes clarity, confidence, and self-empowerment.

Belt Buckles 

For a unique twist on crystal wearables, treat yourself to a carved stone belt buckle. Crystal belt buckles add color, flair, and individuality to any ensemble. Stand out in the crowd by treating yourself to an attractive Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, or Tourmaline belt buckle. As you choose your belt buckle, be sure to pick the crystal that will function most effectively as a part of your day-to-day life. Tiger’s eye, for example, has a calming vibration, while Smoky Quartz is believed to help fight depression.



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Used to promote positive energy and focus during meditation, crystals have been an integral part of the art of self-healing for centuries. In order to use a meditation crystal, you must first locate a crystal whose natural healing properties match your intentions. Every crystal has its own unique energy and influence, so finding the right one for you is as much a matter of trial and error as anything else. Once you encounter the perfect crystal, you’ll know it right away, feeling its centering effects as you enter your meditative state.


Crystal figurines make a gorgeous addition to any home decor, blending seamlessly with modern and classic furnishings alike. These one-of-a-kind figurines can feature anything from your favorite animal, to unique modern-art creations. As with other crystal products, choose your figurine with the atmosphere that you are trying to cultivate in mind. Amethyst, for example, relaxes the senses, making it a great choice for bedroom decor.


Crystals have been used as natural healing aids for centuries, proving their ability to combat mental and physical pain alike time and time again. For best results, wear your healing crystal daily, or place it strategically throughout your home. Whether you are suffering from low-energy, depression, or general aches and pains, the positive attributes of crystal use are sure to help you to channel and relieve your suffering.