Merlin and Sam have been badgering , or should I say dogging, us to have their say on the new website. After hours of whining, barking and pleading we have given in to the pressure and given them their own DLOG. We apologize beforehand for what they might write because their perspective of life is a little different to ours. No doggy censorship on this DLOG.



Hi Everyone,

My name is Merlin. I am 4 years old, I am extremely handsome and I combine the finest traits of a Border Collie and Collie. I’ve been told I look like a black and white Lassie. Yeah, yeah, I know Lassie was a girl but let’s not quibble. Did someone say Kibble?

I love going out in the Jeep so I can stick my head out the window and bark to my heart’s content. I especially like it when we drive by a cyclist and I say hello by letting out a very loud single yelp or bark. I love to watch the bike wobble when I do that. It must be a way of them saying hello back to me.



Hello, my name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam. I am a 5 year old adorable Chocolate Lab. Everyone loves chocolate so everyone loves me and I love everybody in return………except cats! My star sign is Pisces, I love to swim and I love eating everything I can find. A really good day is when I get soaking wet, eat something yummy (some might say yucky) and then get into the house and try to lick everyone in sight. We all have a lot of fun with everyone chasing me around the house making out that they want me to go outside. This is such a fun game and we all have such a great time that I try to do it whenever I can.

That’s it for now. We haven’t had a nap for nearly 30 minutes so we are getting a tired.

Merlin and Sam