How to Choose a Crystal

How To Choose a Crystal

by Charli Lundholm

Choosing a crystal is a very personal process. And it is a very intuitive process as well. Looking through certain books on crystals and minerals can be a good starting point. Any of the books by Melody we recommend highly. “Love is in the Earth” is a wealth of information. “Crystalline Communion” is also a good source. Katrina Raphael’s books are good too. And the book “The Crystal Bible” seems to be pretty popular right now.

crystalsIf you find yourself in a crystal store or at a crystal fair, you may find yourself surrounded by numerous crystal choices. How do you choose just the right stone? The first, and best, thing you can do is to allow your body and your inner knowing to guide you to the perfect stone. Just walk around and see what you are attracted to. If you are looking on the internet, you can use the same process. Look through the various pages of crystals and minerals and see what catches your eye. Usually what you are drawn to is what you need. Then you need to trust what your intuition is telling you, and sometimes that is the hardest part. But trust yourself, you know what you need.

If you are looking to work on a particular issue, or a certain part of the body, you can look at stones based on their color and what chakra they are associated with. Say you are looking for a stone to help you with opening your intuition. That is governed by the 6th chakra at the third eye area. The color is deep indigo blue. So an easy place to start is to look at dark blue stones, like sodalite or lapis lazuli. Then see which ones feel right. Allow your body to guide you. If you are drawn to a pink stone instead of a blue stone, that’s ok. Trust that. Perhaps you need the heart energy of a pink stone before you can fully open up to your intuition. Again…TRUST. Let your body be your guide. Enjoy the journey!

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3 Responses to “How to Choose a Crystal”

  1. Wendy MyersOctober 3, 2013 at 8:21 pm #

    This is so true- I’m sometimes drawn to a particular stone- and may not see for sometime how it is to be helpful. At times, it’s about passing it along to someone who could use it. Some of my best “stone friends” have been gifts from friends.

    • CharliOctober 3, 2013 at 9:24 pm #

      When we listen to, and trust, our intuition, we will always pick the right stone. And yes, sometimes they call you so you can get them into the right persons hands. The rock world is amazing!!

  2. calculate due dateOctober 21, 2013 at 10:25 am #

    I purchased a fluorite, dolomite, hematite, calcite, apophyllite, bloodstone, & topaz. All in their crystal form and most of them are huge.

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