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A gallery of incredible crystals, minerals, jewelry and designer art pieces.

We opened our first crystal store in 1993 in a small coastal town in Northern California. Since then we have had stores throughout California and Hawaii. We established our web presence in 1998 when we launched EarthGallery.com.
We are now a solely web based business carrying a large range of crystals, minerals and stones together with surprising new items like large Lapis sculptures and decorator pieces.

We carry something for everyone from small tumbled stones right through to high-end designer pieces.We want our website to be not only a place where you can buy beautiful crystals and minerals but also where you can explore the metaphysical side of life.

Lapis Sculptures

Lapis Sculpture
Beautiful bright blue Lapis sculptures unlike anything you have seen before.

High-End Crystals

citrine healing crystal
These stunning crystals are the ones that take your breath away.


Green apophyllite crystals
We carry a large variety of minerals and mineral specimens from around the world.


A variety of crystals...all forms of quartz.
We offer Amethyst to Lemurian quartz, healing crystals to Herkimer Diamonds, and so much more.


Sapphire Ring
Our incredible gold and silver jewelry is unique and made with stones from around the world.


We carry spheres that have been carved from a variety of beautiful stones.

Designer Items

smoky quartz carving
Our Designer Items encompasses the world of Himalayan, Indian, African, and Huichol art.

Unique Items

Unique items
Sometimes Mother Nature creates something so unique that it belongs in a category all it's own.


Healing Crystals
Find information on healing stones, Reiki healing and intuitive readings.

New Items

Petroleum quartz crystal
Check here often to see what wonderful new treasures we have just added.

Sale Items

Jade Pendants
Close-outs, clearance items and one time sales can be found here.


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