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Phantom Quartz Crystals

There is a category of crystals that look like there is a crystal inside of another crystal. Or there seems to be an outline, or numerous outlines, of the stone inside of it. These are known as phantom crystals. This illusion of a crystal within a crystal occurs as a result of a couple of different reasons. Sometimes when a crystal was growing, it was exposed to heat and liquid that ended up etching the surface of the crystal. The crystal continued forming and "grew" over the etching. This looks like a thin white outline of the shape of the crystal. This process can happen multiple times resulting in numerous thin lines in the shape of the crystal. Sometimes the lines are very close together and other times there is quite a bit of space between them. The lines usually just show the shape of the top of the crystal.

The other way phantoms can occur is the result of another mineral growing over the surface of the crystal. Then the quartz overtook that mineral, kind of trapping it inside. This can happen just once, or multiple times, showing layer after layer of the crystals evolutionary process. Chlorite is one of the usual minerals that likes to hang out with quartz. It can be many colors but it is more common in green and white. Sometimes the chlorite can be quite thick while other times it is a mere dusting. Phantom crystals are different from what is known as a manifestation crystal. Those actually have another crystal within a crystal. Phantoms just have the outlines of their parent crystal within.

People use phantom crystals for a variety of reasons. Some find it a good stone to meditate with, especially if you are trying to heal, or release, layers of yourself. Some women find them useful when they are trying to conceive. Others like the visual that we, like the crystals, are made up of many layers and are multi-faceted. Some feel that the stones can help them with determination since the stone itself kept forming despite being etched or taken over by another mineral. And there are those folks who just think they are really pretty. Whatever your reason is for being drawn to phantoms, we hope you enjoy the ones we have available.

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Phantom Quartz Crystal

This crystal has wonderful clarity, with a scattering of wisps and veils. At the top, along one face, is a bit of a chlorite phantom. It doesn't cover the entire top of the stone. But if you look closely, below it is a very faint full phantom marking. The bottom has one edge that is polished into more of a free form shape. It is a really pretty crystal.     phantom-2

3 1/2 inches tall x 1 1/2 inches wide.



White Phantom Crystal

There is so much to see in this crystal. There is layer after layer after layer of white, snowy phantoms. The top of one side of the phantom is a tan color. You get to see the evolutionary process this stone has gone through. There are also plenty of veils and rainbows to look at as well. It has a bit of a free form shape to it too. A stunning crystal.     phantom-6

2 1/4 inches tall x 2 1/2 inches wide.



White Phantom Crystal

This incredible crystal has so many phantoms inside that they fill up the entire crystal. The phantom lines are a faint white and the quartz almost looks like girasol quartz because of all the lines. This would be a wonderful stone for someone who is looking at, and wanting to heal, their own layers. There is a tiny nick along one top edge. Stunning!    phantom-7

2 1/2 inches tall x 2 inches wide.



Unique Phantom Quartz Crystal

This is such an incredible phantom crystal! The phantom is actually visible due to multiple layers of hematite that covered the surface of the stone and then the crystal continued forming over the black material. So the phantom looks spotted with black specks that have a bit of a dark blue tint. There is also a bit of orange iron inclusions too. The crystal also has many wisps and veils inside, giving this stone so much to gaze at. Really spectacular!    phantom-16

5 inches tall x 3 1/4 inches wide.



Phantom in Clear Quartz 

This is a really beautiful crystal. The quartz itself is quite clear with just a few wisps and veils. It's hard to describe, but the quartz almost has a brightness to it. There are a couple of faint, dark green chlorite partial phantom line. They are subtle and just add another dimension to this already interesting crystal.     phantom-17

3 1/8 inches tall x 2 inches wide.



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