What is a Tektite?

By Charli Lundholm


Tektite-87a-tibetan-tektiteThe origin of tektites, also called impact or meteoric glass, is still debated by scientists. Some people feel they were originally meteoric material that become separated from it’s iron content as it came through our atmosphere. Others think that as meteorites have impacted the earth, the surrounding rock, or pieces of the meteorite, gets basically hurled back into space. When they fall back, they are falling so fast through our atmosphere that they stretch or flatten.

They have distinct shapes; round discs, dog bones or dumb bells, and tear drops. They have pits and mini-craters and wonderful markings. Most are black and opaque unless you get a very thin piece, then you can see they are amber or root beer brown in color. The exception is Moldavite, which is a lovely green.

Viewed as gifts from heaven they are used for protection, good health, and good luck. They have a higher vibration than many stones but not as buzzy as moldavite, which many find difficult to be around. Tektites have a gentler yet powerful energy. They work especially well in pairs. Very interesting tools to use in meditation, healing and energy work.Tektite-84a-tibetan-tektite

Tibetan tektites We carry a variety of  Tibetanites, that came to us from a Tibetan man who found them in dry lake beds in North-central Tibet many years ago. He stored them away until a few years ago when we were lucky enough to have been able to get them. We haven’t been able to find any others, so what we have is it.

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  1. KatieNovember 24, 2015 at 7:53 pm #

    Wow, the tektites are beautiful!

    • CharliDecember 4, 2015 at 7:14 pm #

      Thank you! Who would think this rock that was once hurling through space could be so pretty?

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