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Tourmaline For Sale

Tourmaline is a wonderful stone that comes from various locations around the world. South America, the United State (California and Main) and Africa are known producers of fine tourmaline specimens. A few pieces have come out of Vietnam as well. It is prized by collectors for its varied colors, clarity and crystal size. It is cut or faceted into stones for jewelry. It grows in many different shades of green and pink, also with the two combined, forming what's known as watermelon tourmaline. The blues are more rare. Known as indicolite, this dark blue tourmaline makes beautiful gemstones. It is also sought after for it's metaphysical properties, working on the 6th chakra (for more information on chakras, please see our healing page). Paraiba tourmaline is a bright lighter blue, like the color of the Caribbean ocean. This color is produced by it's high gold content. This is a rare color and it makes beautiful and pricey gemstones. It is used by healers to help the chakra that lies between the heart and the throat, helping one to speak from the heart. Some of the African tourmaline come in deep, dark pinks, bordering on red. There is also yellow, brown and purple tourmaline yet these colors are more difficult to find. Black tourmaline has been used for it's grounding and protective qualities for some time and is a wonderful addition to a home, car or office. Some children find it helps them to not have nightmares.

We really like tourmaline so we have many pieces. They range in size from very small, which many people use in jewelry, art and healing, as well as larger crystals for the healing practitioner or collector. If you don't see what you are looking for, let us know and we will see if we can help you find it.

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 Botryoidal Tourmaline

Here is a great specimen of botryoidal tourmaline from Burma. It is hard to see in the picture, but the top is covered with small "bubbles". It has a lovely deep pink color with a gray/black stripe that can be seen near the bottom. A great addition to a tourmaline or rare mineral collection. #M56

1 3/8 inches long x 1 1/4 inches wide x 3/4 inch thick.


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