Energetic Spring Cleaning

By Charli Lundholm

Our very first Lotus flower!

Our very first Lotus flower!

Happy Spring! This is such a wonderful time of year. There is a sense of newness and rejuvenation in the air. We have all been going through a time of intense energy recently. Have you felt it? It is a time when we are supported to really do some Spring cleaning. I’m not talking about cleaning your home, although that can certainly make you feel good. I’m talking about clearing out old energies, old patterns, old beliefs that no longer serve you. The first step is to be aware. Take a look at what you are holding onto that you don’t need. Have you become overly critical of yourself or others? Are you saying negative things about yourself? Are you spending more time out of your heart than in it? Then it is time to make some changes.

You can start by being present. When you are about to say something negative, stop yourself and see if you can turn it around. Find something positive to say instead. If you have made a mistake and about to say something like “I am such an idiot!” STOP and turn it around, saying something like, “I will learn from this and be aware in the future.” Our bodies really do hear every word we say, so be conscious what you are saying. Be kind to yourself instead of spending so much time beating yourself up.

Doing some energy work, getting a massage, taking a nice hot bath (a salt water bath is even better) are nice ways to Spring clean your bodies energy. Smudging with sage is a nice way to clear your environment. Adding crystals or minerals to a healing crystalsroom can clear the space of unwanted energies. Stones can bring in an energy such as love, calming or truthful communication to a room. If you already have stones, this is also a great time to cleanse them. Don’t forget that they pick up energies and need to be cleansed periodically, more often if you are actively using them in healing. See our blog “Clearing crystals of negative energy” for more information.

What about relationships? Are there some that ned to be cleansed from your life? If you are experiencing this, now is a wonderful time to take the steps to make necessary changes. Think of it as an act of unconditional love for yourself. Do what is to your highest good.

Whatever needs to be “cleaned up” in your life, now is the perfect time. We are being energetically supported to do this so don’t hesitate!

Happy cleansing!

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