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Lapis Lazuli Meaning

By Neville Ryan Lapis is the Latin word for stone and Lazuli is the ancient Persian word for blue. Lapis has been mined in Afghanistan since 7000 B.C. Because of the cost and beauty it was only available to royalty and high priests.  It was used for the eyebrows on the funeral mask of […]

The Hunt for Tiger Eye ( or Mining in the Australian Bush in “The Good Old Days”) – Part 1

By Neville Ryan The stories in this series are a compilation of events that took place over several trips while mining Tiger Eye, Snakeskin Jasper and Rainforest Jasper in the Pilbara region of northwest Western Australia. When most people hear the word mining they imagine huge machines churning the earth, giant trucks moving many tons […]

Stones and the Sun

I was going to make my first ever blog post be about the journey of creating the new website and saying goodbye to the old one. But something happened yesterday that is putting the original plan on hold. I was making an elixir with a few stones (herkimer diamond, faceted heliodor and clear quartz,) surrounded […]

General News

We opened our first crystal store in 1993 in a small coastal town in Northern California. Since then we have had stores throughout California and Hawaii. We established our web presence in 1998 when we launched We are now a solely web based business carrying a large range of crystals, minerals and stones together […]