Stones and the Sun

I was going to make my first ever blog post be about the journey of creating the new website and saying goodbye to the old one. But something happened yesterday that is putting the original plan on hold. I was making an elixir with a few stones (herkimer diamond, faceted heliodor and clear quartz,) surrounded […]

The Story of Lingam Stones

Printed with permission by Peter Biskup Men have collected stones since the beginning of time and have assumed that certain ones were containers of the life force with all its mystery. The Narmadeshwara Lingam is such a stone. It has been highly venerated and used extensively throughout history for both worship and ritual. It is […]

Choosing a Stone to Help With a Particular Problem

By Charli Lundholm Stones can help us with certain aspects of our lives. People have used green stones to help attract financial prosperity. Citrine is known as the merchant stone and is kept in many cash registers to help with abundance. Black tourmalines have been used for protection, or to keep nightmares away from […]

How to Choose a Crystal

How To Choose a Crystal by Charli Lundholm Choosing a crystal is a very personal process. And it is a very intuitive process as well. Looking through certain books on crystals and minerals can be a good starting point. Any of the books by Melody we recommend highly. “Love is in the Earth” is […]

General News

We opened our first crystal store in 1993 in a small coastal town in Northern California. Since then we have had stores throughout California and Hawaii. We established our web presence in 1998 when we launched We are now a solely web based business carrying a large range of crystals, minerals and stones together […]


We carry a large variety of minerals and mineral specimens from around the world. From dioptase to tourmaline, ruby to apophyllite, we have quite the selection. We carry all shapes and sizes like lapis crystals, galena cubes, and fluorite octahedrons. We have heliodor, aquamarine and emeralds. Hiddenite, kunzite and tanzanite are available not to mention […]