By Charli Lundholm

Amethyst is a popular variety of quartz that grows in varying shades of purple. The coloring comes from iron and other elements that were present as the quartz was forming. Like other quartz, it grows in massive chunks, in single crystals and clusters of numerous crystals growing side by side. Amethyst also grows in small to large geodes, which once cut open, display varying shades of violet to deep rich purple crystals. It is found in many locations around the world but mostly in South America, the United States and Africa.

Amethyst Healing Crystal

Amethyst is usually one of the first stones that people are attracted to when they are first starting out in the rock world. It is a gentle stone, and has many uses. The more time people spend with amethyst, the more they like it and want to add pieces to their collection. They wear it in jewelry (faceted amethyst are gorgeous), carry a tumbled stone in their pocket, have crystals on their altars or shelves, or have lovely cathedral geodes to admire and adore.

Amethyst has been used metaphysically for hundreds of years. It was held under the tongue of those wanting to stop addictive behaviors, like overindulging in food or drink. It has been used for protection, grounding, clearing and energizing. It is one of those good all purpose stones. It works on the 7th, or crown, chakra. This energy center is about connecting with universal knowledge, truth and wisdom. When this chakra is closed or constricted, we usually lose sight of our spiritual path and can feel alone in the world.

Having amethyst in your energetic space, but preferably on your body, can help open the 7th chakra to allow that loving universal energy to flow in. Since amethyst is such a gentle stone, it is wonderful for newbies as well as seasoned stone users. Sit with a piece, hold it, or place it near or on top of your crown. Visualize beautiful purple, or white, light entering the top of your head, flowing down into the rest of your body. Be still. Ask for guidance. Listen and trust. Amethyst is here to help you, giving you the gifts of beauty and gentle healing energy.

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